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Topic: Acanthamoeba Dissertation Chapter – Literature review


word count for the literature review is 3000-5000 (not including references or figure legends).

Aim of the project is make a contact lens solution that kills all bacteria and we are looking at Acanthamoeba Keratitis.

Prevent strategies for contact lens users:

Contact lens solution should have anti-amoeboids.
Contact lens solution concentration is low.
Induce cyst formation.

The objectives – When making a contact lens solution we have to look at
wetting factor
(p, w, c, ph)

Combination therapy is used for each factor alongside APC 16 as the drug.
E.g. Preservative with pH and ACP 16 in a 96 well plate
Preservative with wetting factor and ACP 16 in 96 well plate
There needs to be a positive and negative control for each combination

p with c and ACP 16 in 96 well plate. Have to do it with all factors. Have to explain which once will work best and how. Have to find it in other written sources.

The APC we will be using is 12, 14 and 16. But APC 16 works best with Acanthamoeba.

I hope this helps. I have also attached the handbook and some articles for the module as well.


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