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Topic: ACCA F9- Financial Management


Please check paper details in Strategic Financial Management Assignment.docx

For assignment Q1- I have found the solution it’s in December 2007 – 2nd Question – Duo Co. Therefore it easy for you to follow the answer.Its attached in the files.

For Q1-A & Q2 – you will definitely find some sort of similarity or similar Q/A’s or how to solve an answer from my materials attached i.e. We Transfer link – https://we.tl/t-73SQhNj7GW .

All major working and calculations must be shown in the Word file and you can also provide me with a very neat work of calculations done in excel file.

These are Its basic ACCA F9 calculations straightforward as that and just have to understand and solve the way it has been done in ACCA papers or like any finance paper.

Please download the link zip file below it is very important to help you answer Q1 & Q2 – This link will expire in 1 week therefore you need to download asap

WeTransfer Link – https://we.tl/t-73SQhNj7GW

In these link you will find all the techniques to solve Q1 & Q2 literally.

As well as this site could be in handy if you needed for technical articles or past papers-https://www.accaglobal.com/wales/en/student/exam-support-resources/fundamentals-exams-study-resources/f9.html .

I think I have given more then enough deatils and materials for you to work on. The main work has to be done on word file and you can provide me additional excel sheet with clear labels and headings and formulas of the work performed . Even in excel file i would not accept untidy work , it has to be very nice and neat. But all the main calculations and formulas showed me mainly done on word file. Make the presentation and layout very very very professional


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