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Topic: Acquisition of data from whatsapp application from Android and Apple cell phones

Research documentation must be properly structured and organized and include a Titlepage, Table of Contents, Abstract, Research Introduction, Objectives and Findings specific to your topic, as well as Appendix and References/Citations.3.2.Research document must be derived from at least four (4)legitimate and reliable literary sources of information that must be cited and referenced in APA format.3.2.1.Wikipedia, Techopedia or ForensicsWiki will NOT be accepted as literary sources but may provide other possible sources of information that may assist in your research.3.3.Any cited document, web page, file, data,or multimedia (screen shot, picture, graphic, etc.) shall be considered as supporting documentation, and must be included as an attachmentor included in a zip file.3.3.1.Do notinclude any file, data or item unless it has been referenced/cited in document.

The research topic is about a freeware application named “Watsapp” , and the research is based on how the data can be acquired from the android and apple devices.. the material which is available on the internet should not be the only method to describe the step by step process in the method section of this project.. if the writer is mentioning about a tool that can be used to acquire data, all the details that where that tool can be found, whether if it is available for free and step by step process should be written with proper citations. I have written about a page and I want the writer to edit if it needs to and it has to have 1000 words excluding table of contents, tile page, citation etc


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