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Topic: ADVANCED INTEGRATIVE PRACTICE MODULE:Publication of Personal Blog entries and Reflection (1000-1500 words)


Question 2: Publication of Personal Blog entries and Reflection (1700 words)

Learning Outcome: Critically evaluate the form and approach of a range of academic writing styles and their appropriateness for different audiences.

Specific Assessment Component Guidelines

Detailed guidance

For this assignment, you will critically evaluate a range of academic writing styles appropriate to Master’s level study and Advanced Integrative Practice, reflecting on your own literacy skills.

In order to do this, collate a selection of entries from your Personal Journal. Personal Journal entries will be made throughout the course of the module. Select a maximum of 2000 words that demonstrate your development in different ways. Your selection of Journal entries should implicitly indicate how your understanding has grown and changed since the beginning of this module.
refer to personnal journal bloggs attached on up loads
30 references

Assessment Presentation

Please follow the presentation guidelines below.

Title Page

Your title page must include: 1) the name of the university, 2) the course title, 3) the module code and title, 4) the name of the module tutor, 5) the word count, and 6) declarations (see below).

Originality statement

‘I declare that this assessment is my own work and that I have correctly acknowledged the work of others using the Harvard referencing. This assessment is in accordance with University guidance on good academic conduct.’

Confidentiality statement (if applicable)

‘I declare that confidentiality of people discussed in this work is maintained; there is no identifiable information of these individuals.’


Your manuscript needs to;

•Include page numbers (pages should be numbered at the top right).

•Be double-spaced

•Have a 1-inch (2.54 cm) margin, Times New Roman or Arial, 12 font.

•Maintain the confidentiality of service users/patients/clients and persons associated with them, service colleagues and organisations.

•Include a reference list (Harvard referencing), headed with ‘References’ centred, do not make it bold. Please refer to Cite Them Right.

•Use ‘the author’ to describe yourself (however you can use ‘I’ or ‘my’ etc. in self-reflection e.g., this phenomenon was often present in my practice).


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