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Topic: Advertisement Visual Analysis

1.Thesis:Strong argument that analyses the effectiveness of the advertisement
2.Please be analytical not summative.
3.Clear, strong topic sentences that support thesis
4.body paragraph that fully cover the question on the ad. assignment
5.ample support from the ad.
6.Include terminology Pathos,Ethos and logos
6.Be critical.ask why and how
7.try to say in third person
8.be creative.think out of the box


Advertisement Visual Analysis
1.Identify the claim or issue being presented by the Image.
2.Explain how the content supports the claim
3.Identify icons and symbols.This is where the supporting content is dissected in closer detail.
4.Discuss the emotional and mental responses incurred within the viewer
5.Analyze the context of the work being analyzed to provide further insigh to the reader.


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