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Topic: African American History


1. Respond to three prompts in less than 750 words each (approximately three double- spaced typed pages). In each essay, you should draw on at least 3 of the readings assigned thus far in the course.
3. You must include citations appropriately (MLA, APA, Chicago) from the texts assigned for class. A bibliography is not necessary unless you include outside sources.
5. Ensure that you indicate the number of the question you are answering.
Grading Rubric for Exams
Thesis: ~30%
To get the full points, you must:
1) demonstrate an excellent understanding of the prompt
2) fully answer the question posed
3) demonstrate knowledge of the limitations of your own argument
Evidence: ~30%
To get the full points, you must:
1) use sources that are appropriate to your argument
2) employ 3 sources from the readings on the Syllabus for each answer
Structure: ~30%
To get the full points, you must:
1) use proper grammar
2) use appropriate citation style (MLA, APA, Chicago) 3) employ good organization (e.g., topic sentences)
Creativity: ~10%
To get the full points, you must:
1) Present compelling arguments or interpretations of class material
Part A:
1. Drawing on early American founding documents and theorists, discuss the constructions of race and inequality and how African American writers and intellectuals have responded to them. In doing so, please use two of the following themes: cultural production, education, religion, or reason.
3. Trace two of the following themes across three of the slave narratives we have read this term: gender, race, mobility and freedom. At least one of the texts should be authored by a woman.
6. In the aftermath of the Civil War, the fragile status of the United States was up for grabs in new ways. Write an essay that explores efforts to reconstruct American democracy in the wake of slavery’s end and the political and cultural transformations that ensued in the decades between the end of slavery and the legal doctrine that solidified racial segregation.


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