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Topic: Agent based modelling of crime and policing in London


Agent based modelling of interventions from sexual offences (title given).
I need a literature review (we call it background report) on the topic of Agent Based modelling (ABM) in general and then more information specifically about ABM of crime.

I have mentioned to use 30 literature reviews; definitely use at least 30 but if you feel the need to use more than 30 then I trust your expertise.

Please follow the word document attached in terms of how the paper is to be written, but also include your expertises in this area as I haven’t written a dissertation before.

I have also attached a zipped file of the all reviews (in the word document, in places I mention which review to use specifically).

There are 25 reviews, use the ones mentioned definitely and others if seemed to fit – otherwise please find relevant reviews to ABM of CRIME (Sexual violence if can).


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