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Topic: “Alas,Babylon” by Pat Frank


To fulfill the research obligation of ENGL 2132, you will write an annotated
bibliography on a writer, on a single work, or on a topic that embraces several writers,
works, or literary subjects. This annotated bibliography will be written over “Alas,Babylon” by Pat Frank. In order to expand our focus in this class to delve deeper and
to encompass more contemporary literature, I encourage subjects that are not covered in
class and/or that are related to American literature after 1940; but the topic of your
annotated bibliography may address ANY subject matter concerning the development of
American literature since 1865. (This is a university-level paper, using SCHOLARLY
sources.) Please be prepared to inform me of your topic by September 5.
As soon as possible you should immerse yourself in as much of the material
covering this broad topic you have chosen, working to generate a coherent idea that
unifies the material. From this idea, develop a Main Point (at least a working point) that
can direct your research.
When you have done that, you are ready to narrow the focus of your research.
You are required to select and to annotate seven to ten secondary sources (books and
periodicals). ONLY ONE of these may be primarily biographical. The selection of these
sources should be dictated by and should be justified by your Introduction and Main
As you read each of these sources, compile a bibliographic entry and a series of
notes summarizing the points made by the writer. (Consult additional handouts for
samples of the format of an annotated bibliography.) You must write an Introduction and
Main Point to control your research, but you will NOT write a complete research paper.


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