Topic: Albert Einstein’s influence of the philosophy of science


One strategy for selecting a topic is to focus on one of the topics from our weekly discussions. Another strategy is to select a particular philosopher or scientist and do a biographical paper on them, relating them to the philosophy of science.

Another strategy is to make an argument for a particular scientific theory. Yet another strategy is to write an historical paper on a scientific revolution or paradigm shift. Besides our course materials, a good place to get started is at the Philosophy Research Guide in the APUS Library (see link below).

At least three of your references should be from the APUS Library, including two which are academically, peer-reviewed journal articles.

Annotate your bilbliography and make sure that you describe where you found them in the APUS Library.

Consider the following:

You may use MLA or APA formatting.
Your paper should have at least 5 academic resources. These may include our course materials.
Use the APUS Online Library, and the Philosophy Research Guide (link below; you may need to have opened a window to the APUS Library already.

Your final paper should be about 1500 – 2000 words.