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Topic: American Literature


For this writing project, you will write a creative piece that adapts a passage from Chopin’s “Story of An Hour” by significantly modifying its Point of View (POV). For this part of the project, you should borrow the central action and characters of the original piece. But, for this project, you should describe and/or narrate the central action from Brently Mallard’s point of view.

The length of your emulation is fairly short: around 500 to 750 words.

I will grade work on 1) its successful and interesting modification of the chosen story, 2) your creativity and originality of your content, and 3) the development of the plot or dramatic arc.

Reflecting on the POV Adaptation Project (Cover Memo)
For the Cover Memo, you will need to compose a strong Artist Statement (a minimum of 750 words) that:

-Explains, in good detail, why you chose to adapt the work you’ve selected.
-Refers in detail both to the text of the original piece as well as to your own.
-Reflects on the particular challenges you experienced while adapted your selected works.
-Articulates honestly and clearly how you managed those challenges.
-Articulates what you’ve learned about the way Point of View & Voice affects how a story is told and received.
-Explores how the project helped you come to a deeper understanding of important concepts and themes from the course.
-Is carefully and thoroughly proofread and free of grammatical errors.


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