Topic: Analyse the individual components of a project report


Key to this area is the command word of “Analyse”. In order to analyse you must carry out the process of separating something into its constituent elements of the area concerned – in this case, the individual components of a project report.

In order to fulfil the requirements for this area, produce an essay which, as a minimum covers, the following areas:

You are to create a project report guideline that will list the items that should be present in your project report. This can be from a project that you have worked on or are currently working on. If this is not possible, you are to create a virtual project. The project report outline should contain, as a minimum;
•The general information about the project,
•The description of the entire project and the items that are involved in the project creation,
•The processes that are involved in the implementation of the project,
•The starting date of the project (this will be the day that you commence writing the project report) and the deadline in which the project shall already be completed (this should be a realistic timeframe for your project),
•The schedule of the processes needed to be followed by a specific project,
•Any technical reports needed by the project, including items needed to be done in the project, the people who are to do different works that will help in finishing the project, and the items that will be needed for project completion,
•Financial statements should be included where available in order to allow stakeholders to see the amount of money used for the project and items in which money has been allocated,
•The summary of the entire project.

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