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Topic: Analysis Essay Research Methods


Qualitative Research Proposal

For this qualitative coursework you are going to design a Qualitative research study from one of the proposed research projects below:

Describe how you would design a qualitative study about women and disabilities.

Describe how you would design a qualitative study about addiction.

Describe how you would design a qualitative study about people who hear voices.

You need to include the following:

A small literature review of the topic.
[The purpose of the literature review is to justify the aims of the research.]
[Include your overall research question, your aims and objectives.]
Outline and describe which method you think is most appropriate for your research – IPA or Thematic analysis?
How will you access your data? Interviews? Focus Groups? Some other data collection technique?
[If you are engaging participants, give specific details (inclusion and exclusion criteria) and justify why they have been chosen.]
[How will you collect your data, give specific details?]
[Describe any resources or materials you are using in your study.]
With your chosen method in mind give a detailed account of how you would analyse your data.
Discuss the ethical issues that you need to be mindful of in your research design.
Include a paragraph on reflexivity.
How do qualitative researchers ensure quality in their research?
How will the findings of this research be disseminated?

Your study must have excellent grammar and good formatting. Each section must have excellent referencing (APA format).
You need to take extra special care to avoid plagiarism. If you work on this in groups, that is fine, but you must write up the research proposal on your own.

Your report should be 2000-2500 words


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