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Topic: Analysis of an Advertisement


1. Choose an advertisement (from a magazine that you read online or in print) that seems to target you and people like you.
2. Analyze how the advertisement works to convey its message to a particular audience through use of visual and textual information. This type of analysis is called a rhetorical analysis, so think about aspects of rhetoric we have been discussing as you study your ad.
3. Write an essay in which you present, explain, and evidence your analysis of the advertisement.
4. End your analysis (in the conclusion paragraph) with an evaluation of the advertisement’s effectiveness based on your analysis.
5. Include your advertisement appropriately within the text or as an appendix to your essay so that your audience can see what you are analyzing. (You may scan it, take a digital picture of it, or find it online)

Your advertisement analysis essay should be appropriate to your purpose (to analyze and evaluate), topic and stance (the ad, your analysis, and your evaluation), audience (the ad’s target audience), genre (analysis), and context (formal, academic, public)


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