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Topic: Analyze statistical significance and how the results of a study can be statistically significant but not meaningful. Make sure to utilize examples.


All information to answer the question is attached in a file directly from the textbook. Please use this as your main source of information and reference.

500-750 words

Begin each writing assignment by identifying the question number you are answering followed by the actual question itself (in bold type).
• Use a standard essay format for responses to all questions (i.e., an introduction, middle paragraphs, and conclusion).
• Responses must be typed double-spaced, using a standard font (i.e. Times New Roman) and 12 point type size.
Review the material in the textbook related to the question. You may also want to use other sources to help you answer the question, but the primary source for answering the question should be your textbook. The faculty wants to be sure you understand the concepts covered in the textbook.

Citation Styles
The majority of your response should be your own original writing based on what you have learned from the textbook. However, students may also use outside materials if applicable. Be sure to provide a reference (or citation) for any materials used, including the required textbook. The following points are designed to help you understand how to provide proper references for your work:
References are listed in two places.

The first reference is briefly listed within your answer. This includes identifying information that directs the reader to your list of references at the end of your writing assignment.

The second reference is at the end of your work in the list of references section.

All references cited should provide enough identifying information so that the reader can access the original material.


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