Topic: Applied Behavior Analysis Graduate Certificate

In addition to the graduate admission requirements, the program requires the following as part of the application:

Personal statement ​— Responses to short-answer questions provide the admission committee with information regarding your personal or professional goals and how they align with the Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis.

The admission committee pays particular attention to the quality of writing and ideas expressed in these responses, as well as evaluating the relevance of goals to the aims of the program.

Please respond to three of the four questions below. Responses should be limited to 150–200 words per question.

The statement should be prepared in an MS Word (.doc), Rich Text (.rtf), Portable Document Format (.pdf), or Text(.txt) file format.

●Describe one or more personal or professional goals that motivate you to apply for this program. How will completion of the Graduate Certificate in ABA help you fulfill this/these goals?

●Describe a quality that you believe is critical to working with an individual with special needs and at least one situation in which you demonstrated this quality.

●Describe an individual with special needs and how you supported him or her.

●Briefly discuss why you are interested in pursuing a graduate certificate at this time. What steps have you taken, or will you take, to ensure that you will be successful in the program?

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