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Topic: Applied Research Topic Worksheet Education Research Summary

Assignment 1: Applied Research Topic Worksheet
Keep it simple!

Applied Research is designed to provide a solution to real world – practical problems that affect people. One goal of applied research is to make improvements. It is very different from Basic research which is aimed at increasing the scientific knowledge on a topic.

Answer questions in the table, you can use bullet points – short to the point answers please.
This assignment should take you less than an hour to complete.

  1. (1 Sentence) What is the real-world practical problem that affect children and youth, that you can try to solve using applied research? Applied Research is aimed at solving a problem: see the handout on Applied Research Topic Examples for suggestions.
  2. (1 Sentence) Based on the practical problem you listed for question #1, what you say your research topic would be? Example: Classroom Environment, Teaching Methodologies, Afterschool Programs, Student Support, Parenting Workshop, etc.
  3. (1-3 sentences) Briefly describe a solution you would apply to the practical problem you listed for question #1. The main point here is using research to help solve a problem or provide support to resolve the problem or improve an outcome. The solution would be your treatment to the problem/independent variable.
  4. (1 word) Potential Participants: Which group of individuals is the solution intended for? Examples: students, children, parents, teachers, etc.

Now start thinking about how you can make your topic (problem and solution) into an applied research project/experiment.

  1. (1-2 sentences) What would your independent (treatment) variable be? Reminder: this should be your intervention/treatment/solution to the problem – you can call it what you want so long as you provide what it will entail. It should be a variable that you can manipulate.
  2. (1-2 Sentences) What is your dependent variable? Provide an operational definition of it. Reminder: this is the thing you want to see changed because of the independent variable/treatment/solution/intervention.
  3. (1 Sentence) How will you measure your dependent variable? Think in terms of what the DV is, what are ways your DV is represented that is measurable or observable?
  4. (1- 3 words) What data/information will you need to collect to measure your dependent variable? How will you collect this data? Example: survey, observations, exams, GPA etc.
  5. What are your hypotheses?
    a. (1 Sentence) Null Hypothesis (states that the independent variable does NOT affect the dependent variable):

b. (1 Sentence) Alternative Hypothesis (states that the independent variable does affect the dependent variable):

  1. (Yes or No) Is this study feasible? If we wanted to, can we conduct this study in real life? Think about the feasibility of the study – can we conduct this study (if we wanted to)? If you do not think you and easily conduct this study in real life, then you are on the wrong track and need to rethink your topic. Remember, you are only writing a research proposal for the study – you are NOT conducting the study.
  2. (Yes or No) Is this study manageable? Is the study simple or complex? Reminder: Keep it simple. You want to develop a study that is easy to implement and conduct.
  3. (1-3 sentences) Ethics: Do the benefits of this study outweigh the risks? Are there any risks to the participants? Think about the risks and benefits of this study. Are there any risks? If so, can the risks of the study negatively impact the participants? If the study will have a negative impact on participants, then it would not be approved for research – this means you are on the wrong track and need to rethink your topic.

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