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Topic: Appraising Health Policy and Practices


You are required to submit a 3000 word paper which will explore and examine the evidence and values that underpin a selected policy or strategy (or one particular component of a policy or strategy).
The paper should demonstrate your achievement of the following learning outcomes;
• Critically analyse the key features of health policy. Include discussion on how to influence policy giving examples.
• Critically discuss the key features of health practice. Explore barriers to practice and evaluate the quality monitoring processes
• Give examples from practice which result in improving practice.

You are working in the Health and Social Care field and have been asked to conduct an appraisal of current health policy in the context of how the social determinants of health are being addressed.
Step 1: Identify a current public health policy that addresses a current health issue. Give a rationale for why this policy has been selected and clearly indicate how it relates to research and evidence.
Step 2: Critically examine how the policy problem has been constructed and consider the social perspectives and ‘drivers’ that have influenced the policy:
Step 3: Using an appropriate policy analysis framework, provide a critical analysis of the policy (e.g. Bardach)
Step 4: Propose an alternative approach or amendments to the existing policy, evaluating the potential benefit of these alternative views or approaches.
Step 5: Drawing on your findings from the policy analysis, discuss the strategy you would employ in order to influence policy makers.

Your work will be graded using the University level 6 grade descriptors; you can find a copy of these in the assignment brief folder in Wolf. You MUST submit your assignment through the electronic submission gateway in CANVAS. = Late submissions will receive a F0 grade.

This assessment will account for 100% of your overall mark.


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