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Topic: Arbotion


Research Paper:
For your research paper you will argue for or against your topic.
The body of the research paper–not including the title page and bibliography–must be 4-5 pages, typewritten (Times New Roman font, size 12), and double-spaced. If you have posted the outline and bibliography to the Discussion Board they do not need to be included with your paper. However, if you have added or deleted sources from your bibliography since it was posted please include the revised bibliography with your paper.

You are required to use at least four articles that are in the Academic Search Premier database or in any of the other databases available under the Electronic Databases link on the NCC Library website. APA or MLA style may be used for in-text citations and the bibliography. No abstract or title page is required for the research paper.

You are not permitted to use books for the research paper unless the complete book is in electronic form, in which case put [e-book] next to the citation in your bibliography. A bibliography is a listing of the bibliographic citations of the sources that you will use for the research paper. For each source list the author of the article, title of the article, title of the journal, date, etc—an example appears below.

in addition note:
Please find the attached file for my OUTLINE and BIBLIOGRAPHY that I have submitted already. If you plan to ADD any sources please don’t forget to follow the required instructions for it and just add it to the Bibliography page.
If you have any question please let me know


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