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Topic: Are teenagers mature enough to make their own decisions? Why or why not?


Use the book ‘Catcher in the Rye” as main central of the essay. Use characters and quotes from the book to argue that teenagers are mature enough to make their own decisions. Use this thesis: Anatomically speaking, teenagers are not capable of handling or making decisions but with the proper guidance and discipline, it’s achievable for teens to be directed to maturity. First body paragraph should be about the teen brain and impulse control and not enough experience to handle responsibilites. Second body should be about how with the right guidance, you can teach kids to be mature and discipline them. Parents teaching method and disciplining kids. Third body should be about doing the opposite, and usingcontrolling methods and tiger parents, and how that’s not teaching kids to be independent. Excessive power and restrictive parents raise sneakier kids. REMEMBER TO USE QUOTES FROM BOOK AND TO CITE


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