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Topic: Art history class-Landscape Essay


Landscape Essay: This text is an Essay, make sure you keep the Essay college format: Type at least four Paragraphs: A short Introduction paragraph, two to three Main paragraphs, and a short Conclusion paragraph. (total Length of text 2 full pages, Font Times New Roman #12, double-spaced) Add the two Images. For this you need to do ResearchThink in terms of Landscape (and also of Painting and Printmaking;) See the two Art Images at the bottom of this page? Research them on the web and in the textbook! Your Text:Type a 2-full-page Comparison Essay. Content: Compare and Contrast the two ArtworksThe Starry Night (1889) by Vincent van Gogh and The Great Wave (about 1881) by K. Hokusai, focusing on their Similarities and Differences. Compare what you see but also what you have learned from researching the two Artworks and their Artists.


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