Topic: Article reaction coursework assignment.

Step One:

Review the cited source material. Consider whether the analysis or opinion expressed in the source material is sound and persuasive. Is it based on an accurate understanding of the facts? Post a short statement with your reaction to the source material.

Please read this article: (Links to an external site.)


“Over the course of a decade, many gigs and side hustles have grown. While gig work is beneficial in its freedom and creates more opportunity, many people with gigs struggle to make ends meet. Most of these gig workers find themselves financially stuck while working on their “gig life”.  

Workers that work on side gigs, such as driving for Uber, often lack basic employee benefits. A few of them being:

  • Absence of health insurance,
  • Zero workers compensation protections,
  • Lack of employer contributions to Social Security and payroll taxes,
  • No paid time off or family leaves
  • Non Existence of protection against discrimination
  • The dearth of unemployment insurance benefits.

Having a side gig may also require capital to start with, putting some people in debt from the onset. While the individuals who can afford the up-front investments to begin a gig end up witnessing success, a majority of the gig workers are those who struggle to even accommodate an efficient Smartphone and Wi-fi Service. This creates a sense of desperation, resulting in the workers picking what they have been offered rather than allowing them the freedom to choose their work. Certain side gigs are also known to put people in unknown and dangerous positions, unlike a job with protections from their employer. 

On the corporate side, companies are more inclined to hire gig workers instead of employees under the guise of “Independent Contractors” because it would mean cheaper labour and lesser liability. However, in rare cases, some companies like ‘Hello Alfred’ and ‘MyClean’, have started hiring employees rather than gig workers because they see that a strong Worker-Consumer relationship benefits the company in the long run.

The gig economy has had a tremendous impact on the relationship between workers and businesses in the US, which has led to higher economic insecurity and worker vulnerability. Although this ‘sharing of the economy’ seems harmless, sociologists like Ravenelle argue, “The disruption offered by sharing the economy is simply a hustle.”

Step Two:

Write a post for the following question.

Are the actions of businesses to employ gig workers having a negative impact on middle class workers and driving economic inequality in the U.S. and other countries?  If so, what remedies should be considered?

You may cite outside sources or from the textbook “The Legal Environment of Business by Cross and Miller 11th edition.”

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