Topic: Article Review Strain Theory


Title of the article selected.Strain Theory Briefly describe the theory as explained in the articles provided in the unit as well as the theoretical framework provided by your selected article. Summarize and evaluate the theoretical concepts used in the class’ articles in comparison to your article. What are the similarities and differences in the authors’ definitions and measures?

Explain the methodology and operationalization of concepts. Explain the results and discussion sections in your selected article. What are the concepts about the theory that were introduced in this study?

In your scholarly opinion, does your article contribute (i.e. build upon), challenge (i.e. questioning validity), or present mixed findings as it pertains to the selected theory you are exploring in this review? Please explain your answer.
Formating instructions: The review must include citations from all selected articles, which includes both direct and indirect quotes/findings.

Students should write statements from the article in their own words, but if a student uses direct quotes from any sources in this paper, it will need to be properly cited to earn points.

Avoid too many quotes because this will affect points earned. Points will be lost if any of the work is plagiarized in any form or fashion (missing proper citations).

There is no official word count or paper count, but the review will need to have material that indicates the student has critically explored their selected article and provided a reasonable examination of the selected theory (i.e. do not be too short or too wordy).