Topic: Automatic Minds psychology essay


Identify a current short example of media content (e.g. newspaper, magazine, radio, television, video clip, audio clip, or the internet) as it relates to one of our weekly course topics of discussion for that week (topics are controlled automatic thinking and attributions)
Consider the meaning of your example of media content as it relates to social psychology.
How does the media content cover the topic, and what can it tell us about social psychology?
What can be inferred from your example about the social and cultural conditions that produced the content and that gives meaning to the content?
How does the media frame that that particular issue related to your topic?
How is language and images used to influence how people think and feel about that issue related to your topic?
Make the connection between your media source and our class. You should demonstrate that you understand and can apply ideas and themes from social psychology to current events and the media.

***I need help with a topic for the paper.