Topic: Banking Risk: Interest Rate Risk, Liquidity Risk and Operational Risk


Using examples (Please choose one bank from either, HSBC Holdings PLC, Barclays PLC or JPMorgan Chase & Co)

You are required to present a report critically analysing and demonstrating your understanding of the sources, measurement, management and regulatory infrastructure of the following three risks: 1. Interest Rate Risk 2. Liquidity Risk 3. Operational Risk (2500 Words, 75 Marks)

Part B: Based on the interest rate, liquidity and operational risks identified in Part A, construct a fraud risk assessment framework of three associated risks that your chosen bank is currently exposed to or will be exposed to in the foreseeable future. Pay particular attention to the current regulatory infrastructure in which the bank operates. (500 Words, 25 Marks)

The essential reading for this topic is Financial institutions management: a risk management approach by Anthony Saunders; Marcia Millon Cornett 2011

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