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Topic: Be the Commander-in-Chief

Be the Commander-in-Chief (Military- style strategy) Prompt: Using the incredible detail presented in the military analysis of the EU and the US military forces, who do you think would win in a battle between the US and the EU? The video for this assignment is in Topic 4 (above). Note: This is a speculative “for fun” exercise. Neither I nor anyone I have ever met expect a war between the Eu and the US. Watch the video. Try to answer the above prompt as well as you can. Try to be convincing. Document Formatting and Submission: 1-2 page essay (This is a short length, so please craft carefully your writing). Submit via Turnitin.com (through iLearn, see below link). Double spaced 1″ margins all around 12 point font Use citations (in-text) and references (bibliography). See also the document PDF download “Citations and referencing help (examples)” at the top of this iLearn page. IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL written submissions MUST be in MS Word or PDF file format. NO OTHER FORMATS ARE ALLOWED. Thanks. Further, if you use PDF format, NO Graphics or pictures are allowed – Text-only or Turnitin will reject the submission. MS Word is probably your best choice (.docx format).


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