Topic: Biography of John Steinbeck


For your Literary Research Paper, you will focus on the same writer whose literary work you analyzed earlier in the semester. Some General Tips 1. Do not use the 1st person point of view.

2. Refer to your writer initially by full name. After that, use the last name only.

3. Italicize book titles as well as magazine/journal titles.

4. Use quotation marks for short stories and for article titles You will submit one paper that has several parts. A. BIOGRAPHY OF YOUR WRITER (750 WORDS; INCLUDE THE WORD COUNT AT THE END OF THIS SECTION.)

Write a general biography that includes the following information:

 family background

 education

 professions other than writing, if any

 major events in the writer’s entire life from birth to death

 literary influences of others on your author’s style and content

 literary influence of your author on other writers

 contributions to American literature

 a list of the author’s MAJOR works (along with dates of publication)

 awards and honors (including a full discussion of the writer’s Nobel Prize) Obviously, you must research and document everything in this part of your paper. You must use at least three secondary sources in developing this part.

 You must use reliable digital/online sources. Feel free to use online books if you find them. Do NOT use sources such as Wikipedia, CliffsNotes, or SparkNotes. 

 You MUST use the All Nobel Prizes in Literature site. When you go to the site, you will find a list of all winners in literature.

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