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Topic: Blog Post


Blog Post (max 1,000 words)

In the blog post you should choose one of the ethical/sustainability issues (for example workforce, financial climate, globalisation) that you have identified, expand on it and critically analyse it. You should discuss the issue with reference to contemporary literature.

Throughout this assignment you are expected to demonstrate evidence of your knowledge of the following learning outcomes:
– Understand the nature of healthcare organisations and the process of management.
– Explain and critically analyse a range of contemporary managerial concerns with a particular focus on ethical and sustainability issues pertinent in the current healthcare environment.

This assessment is weighted as 40% of the module total.

You may wish to signpost to resources which have been useful to you.

Unlike a traditional Harvard reference list, you are expected to provide a Bibliography with each blog post within this assignment. You will need to provide information of all of the sources you have used to write your blog.


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