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Topic: Bobsville All-Hazards Emergency Operations Plan

Write an all-hazards Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for the fictional location of Bobsville.
Create only the “Basic Plan” section according to the examples in CPG101 v2 Chapter 3 and Appendix C. the CPG101 can be found at the following website:
As the basis forthe basic all-hazards EOP, use the description of the town (See attached documents: Bobsville Description and Bobsville Map) and town’s Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (See attached document: Bobsville HVA).
You mayconsult other sample EOPs as a reference to create the basic all-hazards EOP but should be altering the details to fit the specific location of Bobsville. Ensure to not plagerieze, write in your own words.
Pages are to be double-spaced utilizing Verdana 12 point font text and 1-inch margins.
Write the all-hazards EOP in the following order. Please do not provide any more information than what is provided below:
Page 1 – Cover Page
Page 2 – Table of Contents
(Number every page in the paper, either in the header or the footer and then in the Table of Contents, provide the section and page number for the major sections of the paper found in Bold font below).
Page 3 – Approval and Implementation Plan
This section should include the information found in the Comprehensive Preparedness Guide as well as an answer to the two items below:
1. Whose buy-in and support you need to ensure the effectiveness of the plan and how you propose to secure it.
2. How to share this plan with city/county officials, response organizations, and the public. Would there be an opportunity for feedback?
Page 4 to the end of the paper as follows:
Purpose, Scope, Situation Overview, and Planning Assumptions
1. Purpose
2. Scope
3. Situation Overview to include the following three components:
1. Hazard Analysis Summary
2. Capability Assessment
3. Mitigation Overview
4. Planning Assumptions
Ensure to add the map of Bobsville before the Hazard Analysis Summary
Concept of Operations
Organization and Assignment Responsibilities
Direction, Control, and Coordination
Information Collection, Analysis, and Dissemination
Administration, Finance, and Logistics
Plan Development and Maintenance


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