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Topic: Border Security and the Trump Administration


Thesis- Securing the U.S. borders has been a focus for many presidential administrations in the U.S. The current president, Donald Trump, has made it a primary focus of his administration. But the U.S. borders are not any safer than it was before the current administration took tougher action and illegal immigration is still a concern. The U.S. is primed for another terrorist threat.

The length for the body of the paper should be approximately 12-15 pages (approximately 250-300 words per page, for a total of about 3,000-4,500 words), not including the Title Page, Table of Contents, Abstract, Tables, Appendixes (if any), and References.Use standard formatting (margins, font, etc.). APA citation style should be followed throughout the paper. Keep in mind that overall length is just one criterion; the major criterion is the quality of the content.

You must develop your paper using at least 10 high-quality references. Of the 10 or more references, you must rely on and cite a minimum of 5 scholarly and/or substantive government publications, such as articles from academic journals,theses and dissertations,books or official reports. The 4 attached sources must be used in the paper as a part of the 10 total sources used. Not acceptable: Introductory textbooks.


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