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Assessment 3: Budget Report Requirements
Part A – Budget Report Spreadsheet (36 + 36 = 72 marks):
Your manager would like you to examine and assess the financial viability of one of the proposed
projects. Specifically, your manager would like you and your team to complete the ‘Budgeted Income
Statement’ and the ‘Cash Budget’ for the project your team has selected and for the period between
January 2021 to December 2021 inclusive.
For this part of the assessment, you need to complete the Cash Budget and Budgeted Income
Statement. All the ‘other’ budgets will not be marked and have only been included to help you carry
out any calculations you might need to fill out the Cash Budget and Budgeted Income Statement.
Your manager would like you to use the ‘usual’ Excel spreadsheet budgeting template, which can be
found online via Cloud Deakin. Simply navigate to Resources -> Assessments -> Assessment 3 – Budget
Report -> “MAA103 Budgeting Assignment.xlsx”.
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Part B – Written Letter of Advice (18 marks):
In addition to the budget report spreadsheet, your manager would like your team to provide a letter
of advice to the client (max. 1000 words).
In the letter, your manager has asked you to clearly outline which project you chose to analyse,
highlight the key results from your analysis surrounding the budgeted income statement and cash
budget. In your discussion, your manager would like you to make a suggestion on how the clients
could improve the financial success of the project.
Additionally, your manager would like your team to identify and discuss TWO non-financial issues
that the clients should consider when deciding about the project. In your discussion, clearly explain
to the clients how these issues might impact positively/negatively on the ultimate decision.
Lastly, your letter should clearly indicate your recommendation as to whether the client should
proceed with the chosen project

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