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Topic: Business Ethics and Active Ownership


A 10 page research paper about the trend of active ownership amongst asset managers, activist hedge funds and investors, in proxy voting and how they are promoting sustainable business practices. Specifically research and introduce the concept of proxy voting and active ownership and how capital is one of the forces that can affect changes in the world.

Research and introduce the concept of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) in large investors and how it is now a hot button issue where every company is rushing to have ESG integration the quickest. And how they now view ESG as a financial consideration when making investment decisions and how that is changing the landscape.

Talk about how investors’ demands are causing pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and individual mutual fund investors to focus on ESG issues and how buy-side firms now need to take these considerations into account when forming proxy voting guidelines. And whether or not proxy voting can influence companies to change their behaviors in issues such as, climate change reforms, board gender diversity, CEO and executive pay (remuneration).

The thesis should be along the line of active ownership does work to create change, there are some challenges to it does affect change and needs to one tool in many to fight social injustice. Please link your sources, and try to speak about the business ethics component to the topic as this is a a business ethics class. Please let me know if you need anything.


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