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Topic: Business Ethics prompt


The Prompt: chose ONE of the following (whichever interests you most)

Recently, two publicly well-regarded (at least at the time) companies (Wells Fargo and Volkswagen) have suffered reputational crises. These were not isolated cases in that we could name many more instances of corporate malfeasance. Why have compliance efforts fallen short and what can be done to regain trust in corporate behavior?


What is meant by organizational culture and why is this important in relation to business ethics?

Please do not include the header in the 500 word minimum.

Please include some of the key words:

Be sure to specifically refer to assigned materials to support and elucidate your answer.

professor says: It is not enough to simply assert your moral beliefs; you must give reasons in support of your answer.

You must use some of the provide document/videos (whatever you find interesting) and something from elsewhere.

The document are attached


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