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Topic: business Ethics-The Prompts


The Prompt: chose ONE of the following (whichever interests you most)

1) Women everywhere have begun to speak out about the inappropriate, abusive and in some cases illegal behavior they’ve faced. This reckoning appears to have sprung up overnight. But it has actually been simmering for years, decades, centuries. How have unwanted sexual advances been a “normal” aspect of the business environment and how do we negotiate the more delicate steps needed for social change?


2) Disgust, repugnance, shame and guilt are examples of emotional reactions to behavior. These emotions often enter our awareness before we reason to whether we should have these emotions. Actions and characteristics associated with these feelings are felt to be wrong or bad prior to reason. Emotivism follows that moral judgment is a post hoc construction to explain or justify these feelings. Do you agree with this model that moral judgment is generally the result of quick, automatic evaluations (intuitions) rather than judgment based on analysis through reason?


3) In chess, there is a term called zugzwang. This is when no matter what move you make, you will be worse off than before you made the move. So, ethics zuzwang is when we may not like any of our ethical choices in a given situation. How do we get into such situations and what can we do about it?

Please do not include the header in the 500 word minimum.

Please include some of the key words:
*moral luck
*thinking fast and thinking slow
*moral intuition
*predictable irrationality
*ethics chess
*ethics zugzwang

Be sure to specifically refer to assigned materials to support and elucidate your answer.

professor says: It is not enough to simply assert your moral beliefs; you must give reasons in support of your answer

You must use some of the provide document/videos (whatever you find interesting) and something from elsewhere.The document are attached here are the videos that come from the assigned material:






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