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Topic: Business issues and the Contexts of Human Resources

Report brief and information

Please only do section 3.2 which is highlighted yellow. Please do not go over 580 words!
The below is what is required and the information
An assessment of three different sources of business data with examples of how each can be used to inform business planning (3.2)

Examples of tools and frameworks to collect data…
• KPI’s
• Appraisal
• People data/analytics
• Balanced Scorecard
• Employee Engagement Surveys

Sources of Business data/people data that would inform business planning/Workforce planning would include………

Current talent – Human capital
Required talent for the future – HRM Planning, staffing, HR costs, budgets
Costs associated with attracting, inducting, developing, retaining, engaging, talent…
Turnover figures/associated costs..
Absence figures/associated costs..
Performance, appraisal, L&D activity/costs
Disciplinary and grievance cases, reputation
Exit interview data

I have attached a copy of the report that needs to be worked on (attachment name “paper to be worked on”)

All the other attachments are to help with writing that section

The feedback on what has already been written is (This answer is too brief and does not provide sufficient information to show the required level of understanding to meet the requirements of this assessment criteria).



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