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Topic: Business Strategy – The resource-based view – Klöckner & Co Case Study

Grading rubric for Group Assignment 1: Klöckner & Co Case Study
a) All questions weighted equally (each answer worth 33.3% of total)
b) Marking criteria (each element is equally weighted)
i. Expert use of correct theory: Correct theory is used, explanation of the
choice of theory explained, and the key elements of the theory outlined
ii. Use of evidence from case: Evidence use should be succinct and
iii. Quality of answer: Answer should be clear, comprehensive and correct
iv. Structure of Answer: Answer should be well structured and well-crafted
c) Figures and bullet points are acceptable but ensure there is an overall
narrative for each answer.
Additional research:
• You are welcome to research beyond the case for background (Klöckner is a
real company) but when citing evidence in support of your answers you
should rely on evidence from within the case we have given you.
• There is no need to go beyond the theory provided in this course to do well in
this assignment. You will get better marks from demonstrating that you can
apply appropriate theory to this specific case than from quoting from a wide
range of academic research. For this case you may want to consider whether
theory from other GMBA modules could be applicable. That said, appropriate
application of wider theory concepts and evidence of further research and
reading can add to the quality of a submission.
Word count
• The maximum word count is 750 words. We allow a 10% tolerance on this.
• In-text references, footnotes and any tables which contain substantive
elements of your answer (e.g. if you decide to structure part of your answer in
the form of a table) are to be included in the word count
• Bibliography, figures, tables (provided they are illustrative and do not contain
substantive elements of your answer) are excluded from the word count. If
you choose to repeat the questions in your text they should be excluded from
the word count.
• In-text referencing is required for any sources not provided within the Strategy
module. For material that you rely on that is provided within the module you
do not need to reference formally (e.g. you can say “according to Professor
Phillips…” or as “Michael Porter states…”), however you should include in
your bibliography.

Type of service: Academic Paper Writing
Type of assignment: Coursework
Subject: Business
Pages/words: 1/275
Number of sources: 0
Academic level: Master’s
Paper format: Harvard
Line spacing: Double
Language style: UK English


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