Topic: Capstone Project

Each student this semester will complete a capstone project, building on the knowledge you
have gained in your education so far, both inside and outside of formal classroom settings. The
main focus of this project is to better understand a specific topic or issue that affects
professionals or community members within your field.
The topic will be of your choice as long as it is related to your degree focus and seeks to understand
the experiences of professionals or community members who are impacted by the topic of your
For project can take be in a variety of formats, so long as both the content and the format are related
to your focus area. Formats will need to be something the professor is capable of evaluating, and
can include:
• An academic, ten-page paper. This will be the most common form of project, and will
include references to peer-reviewed journal articles/books. The paper should center
around a specific question or issue in your field.
• A creative work, such as short film, screenplay, or piece of creative writing. If you choose
this route, it should be related to your focus and it may also need accompanying text to
describe your intent with the project. Be in contact with Prof Bohannon to discern the
scope of your work.
• A business or grant proposal. Again, this assumes it is related to your focus and career
goals, and will involve things such as a cover letter, market analysis, budget,
implementation plan, etc.
Regardless of the project’s format, all students will give a ten-minute presentation to the class at the
end of the semester. All papers/projects should be produced specifically for this course, and not
be borrowed from other courses you’ve taken

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