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Topic: case analysis of risk and resilience in childhood development

For your critical analysis paper, choose a topic (e.g., risk & resilience, attachment, emotional development) from one of the weeks from our course and apply what you’ve learned to the life of a well-known person’s childhood and development. This person can be a pop culture icon, politician, actor/actress, or any other public figure. You should cite your sources for both the biographical information of the individual chosen, and the developmental topic you are using for your paper. For example, I may choose to write my paper on Ernest Hemingway and risk & resilience. I will have sources from his biography, from our class readings, and also from empirical research articles about risk & resilience. I would reflect on how his positive and negative childhood experiences impacted his relationships and writing as an adult. They will be cited throughout the paper and in the bibliography at the end of the paper. APA format is preferred.
I am choosing Risk and Resilience


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