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Topic: Case management assignment an assessment based on Bo’s story. Watch Tammy’s Story

Completing an Assessment
For this Assignment, you will be completing an assessment based on Bo’s story.
Watch Tammy’s Story https://kapextmediassl-a.akamaihd.net/AEH/AS/HN330_1204A/People_Like_Us_P2_Chapter_3/Tammys_Story.html (or read the transcript) and review Bo’s Supplemental Information.
You are encouraged to use all of the information that Bo shares in the supplemental information when completing your assessment, providing as much detail as possible. Please use the Unit 6 Assignment Template to complete your assessment form.
Review the completed Unit 6 Sample Assignment before you begin your Assignment. The completed form is not based on Bo’s story. It was created to show you what a completed form should look like, using a different client.
Assignment Directions
The assessment is the stepping-stone to helping clients clarify their goals and change objectives, so be sure to apply all three levels of the Ecological Model from Chapter 3. The assessment should accurately reflect the interrelationship between Bo and his environment and his presenting situation.
The assessment should also reflect the NOHS Code of Ethics, strengths-based assessment, and service recommendation. Culture should be respectfully factored into the assessment as well.
Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals: NOHS. Retrieved from http://www.nationalhumanservices.org/ethical-standards-for-hs-professionals
Client safety and risk assessment should be accurate, clearly documented, and reflect critical-thinking skills. Safety plans should be included if appropriate. Substance history should be thoroughly and accurately completed.
The diagnostic impression and clinical summary should reflect critical thinking. They should also be clear, least restrictive, strengths-based, and written in understandable (jargon-free) language.
Recommendations and disposition should reflect critical thinking. They should also reflect an ecological framework and address the presenting situation and recommendations from a person-in-environment perspective.
All fields in the assessment form should be properly completed and open-text narrative sections should be clearly documented with relevant details or explanations as needed.
Sign and date the form appropriately by typing your name, Bo’s name (his first name is fine) and Tammy’s name, since Bo is a minor, and the date completed at the end of the assessment.
If you encounter questions or areas in the form that do not apply to Bo, you may enter “none” or “client chooses not to answer.” State licensing standards do not usually allow the use of “n/a” in these forms. Some of the checkbox areas in the form only need to be completed if they apply to your client; you do not have to type in “none” on those unless it asks for this. You do have to type something in all the open narrative places in the form or type “none.”


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