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Topic: Catholic: Read Chapter Twenty-Two, The Rise and Fall of the Stuarts then answer all 25 questions.

Read Chapter Twenty-Two, The Rise and Fall of the Stuarts then answer ALL 25 QUESTIONS.
All 25 questions are uploaded in files.
Full Chapter Twenty-Two book is uploaded in files
According to your textbook and/or lesson plans:
1. a) What kind of people were members of the English Parliament during the reign of James b) How did they gain their wealth?
2. What was the belief known as the Divine Right of Kings?
3. a) Who do historians believe organized the Gunpowder Plot? b) Why did he organize the Gunpowder Plot? c) What government Act was the result? d) what did the Act say?
4. When the Second Scots War broke out, Charles I was forced to call Parliament into session. a) what is this particular session of Parliament called? b) Why is it given that name? c) Which religious group had the majority in Parliament?
5. List the two things this Parliament did in defiance of Charles I.
6. Who led Parliament’s army against King Charles I in the first English Civil War?
7. a) Who won the battle of Preston? b) What was the result for Charles I?
8. a) Though he was actually a dictator, what title did Oliver Cromwell take for himself? b) List two changes Cromwell brought to England.
9. What were two results for Ireland after Cromwell defeater their uprising in 1649?
10. a) After the Scots uprising with Charles II in 1649, where did Charles II go? b) Who assisted him to escape? c) How was this person important to Charles II near the end of Charles’ life?
11. a) What is meant by the Restoration? b) what was the primary goal of Charles II? c) How would he ensure this goal?
12. a) Though Charles II married a Catholic princess, he permitted Parliament to pass what Code which punished Catholics? b) He also allowed Parliament to pass the Test Act; what did this Act rule? c) What was the result for James, the brother of Charles II?
13. What was the result of Parliament’s attempt to pass the Act of Exclusion?


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