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Topic: Cause of Death: Inequality. (Sociology Report)


*************THIS IS A CULTURAL MEDIA REPORT********************

For this project find 3 online newspapers articles (PROVIDED FOR YOU AT THE END)

As you do this, examine the role of the media in the development and maintenance of social norms, and compare and contrast your answers for the papers from different countries. Among the questions to consider as you follow the news are:

Who is in the news in each of these papers?
How are the same news stories reported in each of the different papers? (pick key world events and see how they are reported in the different papers).
How often are different groups/individuals included? Examine the proportion of time devoted to the coverage of these different groups.
How are they portrayed?
From whose perspective are the stories written? Give examples and explain.
Who is not in the news? Which groups and/or classes are not represented in the news, but would you expect to see in this paper given the demographics of the country and region in which it is published?
How do the media respond to people who are not part of the dominant culture/people who are different from what is considered “the norm?” How are different people or groups of people portrayed? Give examples.
Other guiding questions to help you recognize bias within individual news stories:

What verbs are used to describe the actions of each of the participating groups or parties?
What connotations (implications) do the verbs carry?
What nouns and pronouns are used to describe each of the participating groups or parties?
What connotations do the words carry?
Are each of the participating groups or parties presented with the same level of formality, familiarity, or respect?
How are direct quotes used to present the groups or parties favorably or unfavorably?
What is the proportion of subjective to objective verbs? Nouns?
What is the reporter’s or news service’s attitude, demeanor, or tone toward each of the parties?
How does this attitude, demeanor, or tone affect readers’ perceptions of the events being reported
How does it reflect on the objectivity of the reporter or news service?






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