Topic: Challenging Inequalities in early years setting


“Why are issues of equality in early childhood important and how does inequality adversely impact children, families and staff within an early year’s setting?”

Introduction – introduce the reader to the topic in a sentence or two, signpost essay for the reader (what are you going to discuss within the body of the essay, specify your area’s chosen), define terms briefly, address confidentiality

Introduce the reader to your setting, your role and provide contextual information in relation to your three areas

Main Body Examine settings policies relevant to general equality and inclusion in light of key equality legislation, frameworks etc. Discuss legislation in relation to disability and SEN and think about how they challenge inequality in this area.

discuss legislation/policy/frameworks which challenge inequality in your setting in relation to policies/practice, evaluate if they are enacted in practice or are there any barriers – support with reference to relevant reading throughout.

Think about your Inclusion and Admissions Policy in relation to UNCRC/Equal Status Act/Regulations/Charter.

Recruitment Policy / Employment Equality Act

Curriculum Policy / Aistear/Siolta – Partnership with Parents Policy / Regs/ White Paper/ Síolta etc.

In terms of disability and SEN include UNCRC, White paper, Salamanca – what does these all say? (just a sentence or two)

Disability Act – AON


AIM a sentence or two

LINC – a sentence

As you write about each link them to your experience of these in action? Do they affect your practice and provision – how do they challenge inequality? weave together where possible.

Then think about how your setting nurtures and fosters positive identity development for young children with disability and/or SEN, think about anti-discriminatory practice, think about your interactions, how is disability and SEN positively represented and included in the resources, materials e.g. play materials/books etc. Think about the impact of disability and SEN, stereotypical behaviour, inequality and bias for young children, staff and families in this area – refer to relevant readings, especially those in sessions 2, 4, 8, 9, the Inclusion Charter.

This guide includes disability and SEN which must be addressed, what other two areas are you going to discuss and I will send a brief guide.

essay should be signposted in the introduction and confidentiality must be addressed.

Also identify your chosen areas for discussion.

legislation in relation to early years setting should be discussed
Examine your practice in relation to each area of inequality
link to practice
regulations 2016 should be included in this document

link to learning outcomes:
Module Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate knowledge of legislation and official guidance in areas of equalities and special educational needs
2. Describe and analyse the ways in which inequalities may impact on babies, young children, families and staff within the early years setting.
3. Examine and evaluate their own practice, and that of others, in challenging inequalities and ensuring inclusion to the full curriculum for all children.

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