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Topic: Changing behaviour: a research project into standards of behaviour in UK schools and effective approaches to ‘behaviour management’

MA Education & Leadership
Dissertation Research Proposal

Title of project Changing behaviour: a research project into standards of behaviour in UK schools and effective approaches to ‘behaviour management’
Research focus The standards of behaviour in UK schools and the changing approach to behaviour policies and behaviour management.
Examples of literature I will review
Indicate the areas of reading that you have already identified, including key authors and articles. “Taking responsibility: school behaviour policies in
England, moral development and implications for

“Not in the classroom, but still on the register:
hidden forms of school exclusion” Sally Power and Chris Taylor

“The Palgrave International Handbook of School Discipline, Surveillance and Social Control” Jo Deakin, Emmeline Taylor and Aaron Kupchik
Research question(s)
Ensure that these are phrased as questions. Maximum 3. • Is there a problem with behaviour in schools?
• If so, are changing approaches to behaviour management causing this, contributing to this, or limiting the extent of this?
• Do behaviour policies look different in different socio-economic areas and should they look different?

Academic rationale
Say why this research is:
1. Necessary
2. Timely
3. Interesting
… from an academic, policy and/or practitioner perspective. Behaviour draws a great deal of focus from teachers, schools and parents. Standards – it is often decried by teachers, parents and the news – are in decline, and frequently linked to a general falling level of respect for authority and therefore a rise in antisocial behaviour.

Behaviour management, underpinned by school behaviour policies, are important at the microlevel and macrolevel. In the classroom, it means productive learning environments that facilitates good pupil progress. If done well, it should mean a generation of young adults that know how to behave in society.

1. What is the overarching research design for this project?
e.g. case study, action research, policy scholarship, evaluation research
2. Why have you chosen this?
3. What are the implications for this study? Evaluation research

The effectiveness of a behaviour policy is a very difficult thing to quantify. Exclusion numbers, for example, might be low because of a lenient approach. That would not necessarily indicate that there was a good climate for learning in classrooms.

Moreover, there are too many external factors affecting behaviour out of school to successfully include data about this in a review of a school’s success with behaviour systems.

Therefore, a review of relevant literature seems a more realistic approach.


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