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Topic: Child poverty


There are two parts to this TMA: an infographic and a short report. You will need to structure your assignment into these two parts, giving each a title (‘Infographic’ and ‘Sources’) and roughly dividing your 1000 words between the two parts. If you have a visual impairment, there is an alternative version of this TMA for you to use in Resources.

Focusing either on the UK as a whole, or on a specific nation within the UK (England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland), create an infographic (for a general audience) that identifies and explains how income poverty affects young lives today. Then write a short report (’Sources’) explaining why you have chosen to use particular sources of information and analysis for your infographic.

This TMA gives you the opportunity to read more into a vital issue (poverty) for children and young people’s lives and present what you find in a visually engaging way. It also provides an opportunity to think more about one of the important questions posed in Learning Guide 1, Section 3, where you looked at what sources of information should be used and whether all sources of information are equally valid.

Part 1: Infographic
Produce an infographic with the title: ‘Young lives and poverty in the UK today’ (or replace ‘the UK’ with England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland if looking at a specific nation).

As well as using material from Learning Guide 1, find and use 2–4 other sources of information and analysis (see ‘Sources’ below for more advice about what to use). Remember that while the sources that you find yourself are an important element of this TMA, you should also use material from Learning Guide 1. You are unlikely to be given a high mark if you have not used any of the material written and selected for KE322 Young lives, parenting and families.

Your AL will be marking both parts of the TMA using the marking table that is used across the university, but with a few modifications, as this is an infographic and its sources, rather than an essay.

The infographic will be marked and feedback will be provided to you using the usual five criteria in the marking table: relevance, content, depth, structure and style.

The infographic needs to include RELEVANT information (such as whether the infographic is referring to the whole of the UK or to a specific nation within the UK – either will be acceptable).
The infographic needs to provide detailed accurate CONTENT demonstrating a critical selection of relevant module and additional material.
DEPTH should be provided by analysis and synthesis of information within the infographic, enabling connections to be made and trends to be recognised.
The infographic STRUCTURE should present data in a clear and engaging manner, using a variety of methods (such as charts, tables or graphs), and present a well-organised series of key points.
The infographic should provide information in a way that a general audience would readily understand and is referenced, using the footnotes box provided on the TMA 01 template (STYLE).
Part 2: Sources
The infographic section of this assignment was about poverty, but this second part of your assignment is not about poverty; it is about the sources of information you have used for your infographic.

In Word, write a few short paragraphs of approximately 150–200 words about each of the 2–4 sources that you found for your infographic, explaining why you selected that particular source to use. Try to include material that enables you to illustrate, say, a defining characteristic of poverty today (such as food banks) or a trend (child poverty rates) or something that is relevant to the particular part of the UK you are focusing on.

As noted previously, these sources are an important element of this TMA, but you should also use the material from Learning Guide 1.

The information you will need and the template for the info graphic are all on my open uni profile.


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