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Topic: common application essay for college admission


This is general college apllication want to write in a creative way, planning to apply for major in sciences, however I want to put my writings in terms of cooking which I do usually to make it more intersting. I am attaching the draft(common app) I created which needs to be rewirite in a presentable format. Please take more time to complete this and it is very important essay. Also attaching my resume. Please search common app essays on internet to get an idea

Ramen Noodles
I started cooking for me and my brother when I was 8. I would stand on a small stool to reach over the stove and cook instant noodles. It was the beginning of my journey of mastering many different meals in the future. I didn’t start cooking because I liked it, but the situation I was in forced me to learn. Everyday after school, my mother would cook food for my brother and me because we would get very hungry – the lunches they gave us in school were too small for us. My mother at the time recently got into the job which meant she wouldn’t be home after school anymore, so the responsibility to cook was mine. Making instant noodles was the first meal that I learned. It was a fairly simple food to make, all I needed was a pot, water, noodles, and flavor packets. It only takes 10 minutes to make a meal that would feed me and my brother.
As the years went by my cooking started started to slowly evolve. I started from making instant noodles to now being able to cook chinese fried rice and pasta dinners. I have been a picky eater ever since I was a kid and cooking allowed me to make my food the way that I liked it.
I would search up different recipes and youtube videos online, but I would rarely ever follow these recipes. As I tried to cook all these different dishes, I ran into a few problems. Sometimes I didn’t have all the ingredients or cooking vessels to make specific meals.
Cooking has turned into a skill that has become very useful for me. I am grateful for having the opportunity, resources, and time to be able to cook. Throughout this whole process I have had large support from my parents who love to try all the new things I make. As I made more difficult meals I have learned to be resourceful with the ingredients I have at home, responsible with taking care of my younger brother, and creative with the ways I can make ordinary meals tasty to me. Cooking is a way for me to create.
As I pass through time as a high schooler, cooking has become a lot more than just cutting and frying vegetables. It has become a necessary therapeutic escape for me. On a daily basis, I am bombarded with homework, projects, and deadlines. Cooking allows me to clear my mind for at least one hour everyday. Without this mental break, I am sure I would quickly suffer mental health issues.
Looking at the future, I see myself continuing to cook for the rest of my life. Whether if it means me making quick and cheap meals for myself in college, or if I am cooking dinners for my future family, cooking is a skill that will help at every point in my life. I get a special satisfaction when I am able to create a tasty original flavor from combination of different ingredients that have different flavors. I’ll never stop being a resourceful person – no matter where I am, I know that I will be able to satisfy the stomach of me and the people around me. I am not certain of where I will be in the future, but I know that no matter where I am, or whatever I am doing, I have become the person I am because of cooking. I will always be the little boy standing on the stool cooking Ramen noodles for his brother.

Chipotle, Ohio — Restaurant Crew Member
MAY 2018- AUGUST 2019
-Cooked and served food for the restaurant.
Urgent Care, Ohio — Medical Assistant
-Take blood pressures
-Assist doctor in taking patient information
High School
August 2016- May 2020
Science Olympiad, High School— Team Captain (3x state qualifier)

-August 2016- Present

-Qualified for state team 2 times

-Varsity team member for four years

-Served as a junior captain
Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA)— Competitor (State qualifier)
-August 2018- Present
-Created shoes that provide haptic feedback for blind people
Badminton Club— President
-August 2018- Present
-After school club that allows students to have a fun and competitive atmosphere with badminton
-Hosted a badminton tournament at Olentangy. All proceeds were donated to pediatric cancer patients.
Model United Nations (OMUN)— Competitor
-August 2018- Present
-Represented a foreign country in a district-wide summit
National Honor Society (NHS)— Member
-August 2018- Present
-Accumulate at least 24 hours of service every year
Service Club— Member
-August 2016- Present
-Take part in community service year-round
Peer Tutor— Tutor
-August 2018- Present
-Tutored other high school students in math and science
Homeless Shelter Service— Head Organizer
-September 2015- Present
-Cooked and served pasta dinner once a month for a local homeless shelter
-Accumulated over 150 hours
Riverside Methodist Hospital Volunteer— Volunteer
-August 2018- Present
-Discharge patients from the hospital
-Refill patients’ water bottles
-Restock linens of patient rooms
-Greet and assist hospital families in finding hospital rooms
-Recycle all used batteries around the entire hospital
Center of Science and Industry (COSI)— Volunteer
-August 2015-May 2017
– Conducted science experiments for visitors and explained the scientific significance of the experiments


• Top 15% of class
AP Scholar with distinction
Presidential Award
Graduating with Honors
Scholar Athlete
Presidential Service Award (Gold Status)


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