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Topic: Company guidelines for Software Engineering and Software Architecture


What is it about?

A quick, yet rich, summary of principles, methodologies, recommendations, and best practices related to Software Engineering and Software Architecture. Our goal with this document is to educate and standardize the understanding that the company’s employees have regarding their activities and the terminology they should use.

The goal here is for you to produce a document that is clear and easy to understand. It might help you to imagine that you are a Software Architect for a big company and that you are creating this document as a way to educate and set up the standards for the developers and managers.

Examples of topics that you could choose from are: Agile, Extreme Programming, Scrum, Separation of Concerns, Single Responsibility, Modularity, DRY, KIS, YAGNI, No big design upfront, Test-driven development, Mobile-first development, User Stories, Use Case Diagrams, Minimum viable product, Communication principles, Requirements Engineering, etc.

(Write about 5 of these.)
If you make any Citation or Reference please use the Chicago style.


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