Topic: compare and contrast three pieces of music


For this assignment you will compare and contrast these three pieces:

Charles Mingus “Better Git in Your Soul”,

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 2 in D Major, movement I

Led Belly “Midnight Special”,

The idea of this assignment is to compare and contrast these three pieces of music. First, listen to them by clicking on each example. Then, discuss in paragraph form:
the genre they are in
how these pieces use pitch
how these pieces use dynamics
how these pieces use structure
what the composer chose for instrumental/orchestral timbre—you do not have to describe each instrument used by name but you need to at the minimum tell me the families of instruments used or how the sound is produced (aerophone, etc.)
and what the composer did to cause the music to be effective—there is a reason why each one of these pieces has stood the test of time

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