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Topic: Competitive Strategy Management – Walmart

The class is a Competitive Strategy Management course.

Attached are 3 documents.
• Read Instructions& Question
• Read the Walmart Case (PDF)
• the article on Differentiation (PDF) and
• (2) tabs of a presentation from the class lectures with key concepts that need to be considered as part of the analysis. The 2nd (most recent video), may be the more relevant. The first has already been answered and sets the stage for the 2nd question.

The question to be answered is at the end of the Excel 2nd tab and is as follows:

Answer the below (2) questions in 2-3 sentences.
• Why is Walmart’s cost structure (competitive) advantage sustainable?
• Why doesn’t’ competitors simply replicate it?

Please note the first question posed by the professor we originally had to answer was:
• Which part of the value chain is most critical to Wal-Mart’s Strategy? Why?
The answer was somewhat of a trick question about how it is all of them working together to create value:

When answering the questions above, just keep this in mind as the best answer may not be as straight forward as picking one.
Please answerincluding the justification of why you chose it. (v. just repeating facts the article gives)


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