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Topic: Computational history essay

choose two topic from the bottom, each topic write 2.5 pages research assessment of a computing technology or platform and single spaced.

Identify a computing technology that has impacted your personal practice, interests, or daily lifestyles. This could involve anything we have covered in the class or on the agenda; or any information technology or computing device.

Motivate why you selected this technology and how it has impacted your work, and its impact in society in general. Where is this technology being used, what is better in the world now that we have it? What is it’s future potential?

Explore the functional components of the device from a computer architectures perspective. Conduct a detailed breakdown on the selected system, based for example on an online search or other methods, about the functioning of this device. If possible, explore a tear-down video of the device. Create a high level block diagram of some of the inner relationships between its key components and document these.

Examine this technology in the background context of the “history of computing” by creating a detailed Timeline, similar to the one shown in class, based on the timeline link, which must cover the beginnings of the device and how it relates to the past era (1933-1980) and how it relates to the more modern era (1980 – 2010’s).

Assess the state of the art for this technology by conducting a literature search on Google Scholar, or other repositories, (http://scholar.google.ca). Select 5 recent papers of interest and add these to a comparison table. Show an annotated bibliography of these works (i.e., a short summary of each).

Extend the timeline to the next 10 years, using a tool like the Gartner Hype Cycle for technologies (2019). Conjecture what the future of this technology will look like. Comment on architecture components, size, speed, form-factor, or other facets. Comment on how this technology will impact your research in its future form factor.

Summarize all of the above including figures, references (one or two column format is okay). Feel free to use a LaTeX template to format the document, but this is not required.

Cite all sources used in this work in a bibliography (MLA format)


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