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Topic: Conduct a case study on Beatnik & Sons, it is a fashion startup


Analysis of the company, and present your interpretation or solution, supported by a line of reasoning employed and assumptions made. I was assigned to conduct the case study on the company “Beatnik & Sons” it is a fashion label that focuses on selling luxury backpacks, handbags and other accessories

Assignment: Fashion Startup Case Study
A Case Study is a documented study of a specific real-life situation. You will analyze the
prescribed case of a Ryerson Fashion Zone startup company and present your
interpretations or solutions, supported by the line of reasoning employed and assumptions
For the Fashion Startup Case Study Assignment, you will approach the case from a consumer
/ focus group / consultant point of view.
Week 9: Introduce Fashion Startup Case Study Assignment
Required Reading: Case Study Info Pack
Presentation by 4 Fashion Zone companies
Students select / assigned to 1 Fashion Zone company
Week 10: Work Period and Q&A “Writing a Case Study”
Week 11: Due: Fashion Start-up Case Study Assignment
Week 12: Fashion Zone companies will present exemplary strategies
arising from the assignment
Due Date:
Week 11: Monday Nov. 25, 2019. Must be submitted as a Microsoft WORD document
online via D2L by 3:10pm
Grade Weight:
30% of your final mark
There are 8 main parts:
1. Title page
2. Executive Summary (1 page)
3. Objectives (1 page)
4. Project Alternatives (2 pages)
5. Solution (2 pages)
6. Implementation (1 page)
7. References
8. Appendices (supporting documentation and images)
1. Title Page. Title, course, assignment, professor’s name, student name, student
number, date.
2. Executive Summary. Create a concise overview of the case, including
objectives, proposed solution, and implementation.
3. Objectives. Describe the current situation of the issue encountered by the
Fashion Startup. Describe the future state of the issue once your proposed
solution has been implemented.
4. Project Alternatives. Identify 2 alternatives considered. Demonstrate how each
aligns with the current priorities, business strategy, product or service, and
vision of the Fashion Startup. You must consult at least 2 sources (from Case
Study Info Pack, or external) to support your argument of the alternatives
considered. Finish this section with a conclusion of your argument, findings,
and implications.
5. Solution. Select one alternative and explain why it is preferred. You must
consult at least 2 sources (from Case Study Info Pack, or external) to support
your choice of alternative.
6. Implementation. Identify and explain 2 strategies for implementing your
solution within 6 months.
7. References. Textbooks, Wikipedia, Encyclopedias are not appropriate research
8. Appendices. Your supporting documentation and images must follow the APA
style of citations.
Style and Format:
• Your paper must follow the American Psychological Associate (APA) 6th edition style in
format and referencing. Please note: missing in-text citations are considered
• The following guide can be found at the Ryerson library or purchased for continued
use. Concise rules of APA style (6th ed.). (2009). Washington, DC: American
Psychological Association.
• Alternatively, a shortened version is available online:
Formatting Guidelines:
• Include section headings for each part 2-6 (i.e., Executive Summary, Objectives, etc.)
• 8.5 x 11” paper, portrait orientation
• Font: 12-point Times New Roman
• Double-spaced
• 1-inch margins all around
• Fashionzone.ca
• Case Study Info Pack on D2L
• WORD case study template on D2L
• Following formatting guidelines, parts 2 through 6 should be 7 pages in total. Marks
will be deducted for papers less than 7 pages, and papers exceeding 7 pages will not
be read beyond page 7.
• Your case study will be evaluated on the thoroughness and originality of your
understanding the particular issue of your chosen / assigned Fashion Zone company
and recommended course of action.


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