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Topic: Conducting the Debate Social Studies Essay


A debate is a structured discussion about an issue or resolution. Debates, in one form or another, are commonly used in democratic societies to explore and resolve issues and problems. Unlike public speaking, there is an expectation that participants will react to and challenge the points made by other speakers (opponents). This challenges us to learn to become resourceful thinkers who can synthesize ideas and quickly articulate them. Debate often involves two teams speaking in a specific order.


The objective of this assignment is to provide students with an opportunity to do their own research on a current social policy debate, explore the subject in depth and formulate and enter into a logical argument about the topic. Each of the three rounds, including the rebuttal, should demonstrate an appropriate level of knowledge of the assigned social policy debate. Group work is common in many courses and many careers – learning how to organize and manage group work in this class will give students a good basis for future projects they may encounter.


1. Form a group of three students and provide it to the instructor by May 21, 2021

2. Once you form a group, the instructor will assign a specific resolution and either the affirmative or opposing position for your group to argue

3. Research the topic and prepare logical arguments. Become knowledgeable about the social policy issue and the related problem it attempts to address. Become familiar with any critique or debate about the origins of the problem/issue and the appropriateness of the design of the policy/program. Discuss the relevant issues and gather arguments that provide reasons for your position on the subject.

4. Anticipate counter arguments and prepare rebuttals

5. All group members must contribute meaningfully and equally to the assignment (this includes the discussion, planning, research, development of the debate arguments in addition to the delivery of the debate itself). The debates are designed in three rounds (first round, second round and rebuttal). Each group member should assume the role of speaker in one of the three rounds.

6. Exchange email addresses and phone numbers and discuss possible times to meet outside of class

7. Each group member should prepare their own notes for their section of the debate. Keep in mind that part of your objective is to invalidate the opposing team’s counter arguments which you won’t ultimately know until you are in the actual debate itself. You will want to do preparation in anticipation of what the opposing team is going to argue and establish plans to challenge those points.

8. Meet as a group (virtually) together several times to make sure the debate is complete, coherent and has a good flow

9. Complete a mock debate as a group at least once before you deliver it to the class

Conducting the Debate

Debate opens with the affirmative team (the team that supports the resolution) presenting their arguments, followed by a member of the opposing team. This pattern is repeated for the second speaker in each team. Finally, each team gets an opportunity for rebutting the arguments of the opponent. Speakers should speak slowly and clearly. There cannot be any interruptions and speakers must wait their turn.

1. The first speaker on the affirmative team presents arguments in support of the resolution (5 – 10 minutes)

2. The first speaker on the opposing team presents arguments opposing the resolution (5 -1 0 minutes)

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